VillaPunclut. Villa for rent in North Bandung!

Three bedrooms is available for rent, for up to twelve guests, with beautiful views, clean air and water in Bandung nestled between Cihampelas, Dago and Lembang.

Affordable three-bedroom Villa for hire in North BANDUNG

Three-bedroom-Villa with a spacious living room can comfortably accommodate for up to 15 guests. Fresh pristine waters from the hills, cool and clean high altitude air with beautiful views dispels the dullness of city life and our fully equipped kitchen as well other domestic necessities will make you feel as though you are living in the comforts of your own home.

Houses for up to 15 guests, nestled between Cihampelas, Dago and Lembang

  • Three Bedrooms. 2 Queen size beds, 1 Single Bed
  • Mattress rolls available for use in the living room
  • Large Bathroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • Fresh trickling water collected straight from the mountains
  • Fresh and cool high altitude air, 1000 m above sea level
  • Beautiful views overlooking Bandung city
  • Car parking available for up to three cars
  • Plenty of yard space
  • Free room service
  • Easy to get to, close to shops

  • Hire a horseback ride. Passes right in front of the villa daily (around 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon). Price is around Rp. 40 Thousand (USD 4) for an hour's ride (before tip).
  • Around two to three kilomenters from the Cihampelas and Dago shopping junctions
  • Sunday markets selling interesting foods and items. Starts at 6 in the morning to 11 AM
  • Just a few hundred meters from the Punclut Motorcross Circuit
  • Near the hilltop you will find a street lined with numerous bamboo huts selling delicious traditional Sundanese food. The area becomes lively at nights especially on weekends. As you dine you see the glittering lights of Bandung city.

Call Bpk Vic at O8I5 IO23 259O

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For Reservations and for more info please call Mr. Vic on +62815 1O23 259O

Jalan Bukit Raya Timur 
Punclut - North Bandung

Comments from Past Guests

Mr. Endang: "It was nice and cosy..." 0813 1145 9xxx
Mr. Andy: "I enjoyed staying at your villa, and the Sunday bazaar is quite interesting..." 0815 1175 5xxx
Ms. Noni: "The villa was comfortable, spacious, with satisfying service, adequate facilities and safe..." 0878 7820 8xxx

and many more positive comments

Updated: October 2013
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